Xiao Zhu (小猪), UFM100.3

Xiao Zhu (小猪)




Christie, commonly known as Xiao Zhu, is a versatile host ideal for events of various natures. From a formal “red carpet” event to a stadium filled with music enthusiasts, she eases into her role and delivers exceptional results. 


Xiao Zhu portrayed the confident and level-headed host of the morning show with veteran co-hosts Wen Hong and Li Mei for more than a decade and is currently the station’s Assistant Programme Director. 


Being effectively bilingual and eloquent, Xiao Zhu, who is also a graduate from the University of Melbourne, is a popular choice for hosting at corporate Dinner & Dance and award presentations.


If you are looking for an all-rounder host for your events, Xiao Zhu will not disappoint!