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Wei Wen (伟文)





Wei Wen is a veteran artiste whose career spans more than 30 years in the entertainment industry. He joined a local broadcasting company as a full-time actor in 1990 after winning the station’s TV Drama Theme Song Singing Competition in 1988 and upon completing his acting training with the corporation in 1989.


Wei Wen is better known for playing one of heartless villains in the TV drama series “Crime & Passion” and his musical performance in “December Rain” as “Ying Xiong”.


Over the subsequent years, he took a break from the TV screen and went behind the scenes to produce content for global cable TV networks. In 2010, he won a Taiwan Golden Bell Award for Best Travel Series. In 2015, Wei Wen made a comeback on TV appearing on several TV drama series including “Hand-in- Hand” and “Crescendo”.


In 2017, Wei Wen joined SPH Radio 96.3好FM as a full-time DJ.


Tune in to Wei Wen, <情定963> on weekdays, 8pm to 12midnight on 96.3好FM.