Timothy Go, MONEY FM 89.3

Timothy Go

Timothy Go brings a uniquely global perspective, presenting and reporting news globally for almost 30 years. His broadcasting career in 1996 in Vancouver reporting news for radio stations and community cable tv programs. Timothy is also a familiar face to many households in Singapore and South East Asia, hosting a wide range of TV news and current affairs programs since 2001.

Timothy joined MONEY FM in 2019, hosting Primetime and Drivetime evening drive shows.

Besides being a radio presenter these days, Timothy also branched out as an entrepreneur owning a range of other business ventures from travel and tourism, to food and beverage, as well as other media services.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, he used his downtime to establish a hotel and a tour agency in Uzbekistan - fulfilling a lifelong dream and currently owns a fast food restaurant franchise, an online tech media publication, and a media services company.

His lifetime experience provides a well-rounded perspective of the world and puts him in a position to understand and make sense of the ever-changing complex world we live in today.

Tune in to Timothy Go on Prime Time, weekdays 4pm to 7pm on MONEY FM 89.3.