Simon Lim, ONE FM 91.3

Simon Lim

ONE FM 91.3

Simon Lim, a radio veteran is known for his smooth radio voice as well as cool and collected personality in emceeing.


Most radio listeners of Generation X & Y and Baby Boomers can identify with Simon Lim as “The Captain of Your Heart” during the mid to late 90's, which garnered a large following of listeners of both genders, hitting the highest night-time ratings amongst English radio stations in Singapore.  In 2012, Simon returned as a part-time radio presenter with his show “Nites with Simon”, connecting with both new listeners and his loyal followers.


Simon has interviewed many popular international and regional celebrities – including the British boy band “Blue”, Cliff Richard, Seal, Belinda Carlisle, Chris Isaak, James Ingram, Tracy Huang, Coco Lee, Regine Velasquez, Fann Wong, Peter Ho, Kit Chan, and Tanya Chua.  He has also interviewed people from all walks of life, including famous chefs for a regular sponsored segment by OCBC, and done roving reports even from London, Paris and Charmonix Mont Blanc, sponsored by the British Tourist Association and M1.


After leaving the radio broadcasting industry, Simon ventured into Business Development and then Branding & Marketing, where he headed the Marketing departments of the companies he had worked for.  Simon's return to radio broadcasting marks his passion for presenting.


Tune in to Nights with Simon Lim, weekdays from 8pm to 12midnight on ONE FM 91.3.