Si Yuan (思远), 96.3好FM

Si Yuan (思远)


Si Yuan first stepped into the radio industry through a radio DJ competition in 2011, where he emerged among the top 10 finalists. He later completed his internship in 2012 and clinched the SPH Journalism Scholarship to further his studies.


After completing his Bachelor in Communications and Master in Asian Studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), he joined the industry as a journalist, focusing on local and courtroom news.


In 2018, he worked together with various radio veterans to launch a new Mandarin station, where he played a vital role to support the morning shift and produce feature documentaries, tapping into his current affairs knowledge and interview skills.


On weekends, Si Yuan hosts shows on-air regularly. He also produces various lifestyle podcasts on topics like wine appreciation and food. He has a flair for singing, having participated in hosting and singing events such as Esplanade’s Voices Festival and Xinyao Singalong at Bras Basah Complex.


Si Yuan started writing weekly food columns at UWeekly magazine in 2021 where he shares his interest in food and dining experiences. He shoots and edits his own content for social media, with videos garnering over 300K views.


Tune in to Si Yuan on <早安,好人帮> weekdays 6am to 10am, and Saturday mornings on 96.3好FM.