Li Mei (丽梅), UFM100.3

Li Mei (丽梅)


Li Mei spun off her career as a TV host on our local TV channel before she started her radio career in year 2000. Li Mei's a familiar face to many as she has participated in many Mandarin TV drama serial productions as well as local movies e.g. “Ah Boys to Men” series. 


Her bubbly, outgoing and spontaneous personality won the hearts of many clients from beauty and fashion industries, as well as brands catering to household domestic needs.


If laughter is the best medicine to treat the blues, then Li Mei is your cure to your gloomy days! Li Mei’s outgoing personality allows her to connect with the audience effortlessly, which makes her one of the best host at light-hearted events to bring laughter and smiles across your audience’ faces.


Tune in to Li Mei on 《早班GAO GAO》, weekdays from 6am to 10am on UFM100.3.