Leslie Pillay, ONE FM 91.3

Leslie Pillay
ONE FM 91.3

Leslie’s entertainment career as a voice and stage talent spans over 30 years, with a wide range of radio, television and live stage hosting projects under his belt.


He began public life as “The Corporal”, when he co-hosted the popular Forces 55 radio show by the Singapore Armed forces as a full time National Serviceman in the mid 80s. From there, he branched into hosting a slew of radio and TV shows locally and internationally. After a decade of life in the spot light, he took a break to focus on life off-stage and today he runs a successful creative agency with wife.


He’s older now; potentially wiser now, and back to his roots. The Corporal is back on radio! Whether it’s talking business, or teasing out a joke, there’s always something brewing with Leslie, and chances are you’ll have a great time together.


Tune in to Leslie on Saturdays, 12noon to 4pm on ONE FM 91.3.