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Jill Lim
Kiss92 FM



Having only been in radio her whole career with close to a decade of experience, Jill breathes and lives radio. Armed with a sharp mouth and quick wits, she is driven and passionate, and has the energy to power a small city with a penchant for charities.


Together with her mother, Jill was the poster girl for Singapore Cancer Society and being one of the advocates to raise awareness on the importance of health screening.


Jill has a vast dichotomy in hosting different genres of events. She has hosted for History Channel, Corporate Trade events, Puma, Fashion Week and Chang Beer. Having partnered with radio veterans like Glenn Ong, her stage charisma has kept her in line with her partners.


Tune in to The Reality Check with Josh & Jill as the show aims to be a relatable voice for the next generation of change-makers. Weekdays 8pm to 12midnight, on Kiss92.