Jia Yi (嘉怡), UFM100.3

Jia Yi (嘉怡)


The newest and youngest addition to UFM100.3, Jia Yi is a driven and dynamic radio producer-presenter with a passion for Korean entertainment and culture. Her journey in the industry began while she was still in junior college, where she developed a deep interest in radio broadcasting. This led her to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Studies in 2017, with a Minor in Korean Language.


In 2021, the trilingual emcee made her mark in the radio world, starting out as a part-time radio DJ in UFM100.3, after completing a fruitful internship as a producer at 96.3好FM. Her passion and dedication soon earned her a full-time position at UFM100.3, where she has produced numerous successful productions. Working alongside veteran hosts of both Chinese stations, Jia Yi has improved her skills tremendously in content creation, show production and on-air presentation.


On other days, you will probably find her virtually in Korea finding out the best drama and music, geeking out over the skincare products on shelves, or scrolling through her #ForYouPage on social media.


Jia Yi can be heard on UFM100.3 on weekends and on weekdays 5pm to 7pm.