Jeong Hongbin, MONEY FM 89.3

Jeong Hongbin

Hongbin kicked off her journey in journalism when she was in school, reporting for the school newspaper. From there, she began to hone her skills in print, digital and broadcast journalism.


She started her professional career in TV, covering breaking news from Thailand anti-government protests to the Myanmar coup to even the invasion of Ukraine. Not only did she cover general breaking news stories, she has also produced business, lifestyle and even sports news.


Having graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea with a degree in Political Science and International Relations, Hongbin is always curious on how politics play an impact in the global financial markets. She’s mainly interested in South & North Korean politics, US politics, and even a little bit of Malaysia’s rollercoaster politics.


When she’s not covering the news, you can find her searching for the best place to eat Korean BBQ, ‘cause she’s always missing food from home.


Tune in to Hongbin on The Afternoon Update, weekdays 1pm to 4pm on MONEY FM 89.3.