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Guo Xian (国贤)





Driven by strong interest in the media industry, Guoxian joined a local TV broadcasting station, Television Corporation of Singapore, after he graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Chinese Studies and Economics. Guoxian started his radio career in year 2000 and joined a local radio station as Producer Presenter which involved conceptualizing, researching, scripting, producing, presenting radio shows and hosting events at clients' events.


In 2005, Guoxian took up a new challenge in 2005 as a Programme Director of a local radio station.


Over the years, Guoxian lent his voice to various commercials, and has alsot hosted at events and roadshows. He was engaged by travel agencies as a “Star Guide” for holiday trips to South East Aisa, Japan and Beijing and by Asia Pacific Breweries for consumers’ incentives trips to Tokyo & Taiwan.


Tune in to Guoxian, <下班ING> weekdays 4pm to 8pm, on 96.3好FM.