Glenn van Zutphen, MONEY FM 89.3

Glenn van Zutphen

Glenn van Zutphen is a career international journalist, radio host, and Founder of VanMedia Group Pte Ltd, a worldwide media consultancy. He has coached over 2500 high-performing business leaders, journalists, government officials around the world to be confident, credible, and clear in their spoken & written communication across all platforms. 


For more than 25 years Glenn has Worked as a professional journalist in print, radio, television and online news based in the US Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. His work has appeared in countless print and broadcast media outlets. As both the Regional News Editor for CNBC Asia/Pacific in Singapore, and Anchor and Producer at CNN International, he covered stories ranging from the Balkan War and Millennium celebrations, to the War Against Terror. 


An active writer, he co-authored Happy Customers Everywhere, The American Journey in Singapore and contributed to five editions of Living in Singapore Reference Guide.


Glenn is also a recognized communications expert, keynote speaker, and meeting facilitator. 


Tune in to Glenn on “Saturday Mornings” on saturdays 9am to 12pm on MONEY FM 89.3.