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Glenn Ong

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Affectionately known as The People’s DJ, Glenn Ong returned to radio air waves in 2015 with his better half, The Flying Dutchman to ONE FM 91.3 for 7 years before moving to Kiss92 in 2023. Glenn is still as fresh as ever as he constantly re-invents himself even with over 20 years of top radio experience. The veteran talker and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner continues to bring bigger smiles and greater entertainment to his fans. 


The ever endearing local bad boy is pretty much a jack of all trades with many interests - but Glenn is certainly his own golden microphone! Glenn, who is also referred to by his colleagues as ‘The Supreme Leader’ has met and interviewed movie stars Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Football manager Jose Mourinho, Manchester United legends Rio Ferdinand, Peter Schmeichel, dog whisperer Cesar Millan and many other international stars. His latest interest in golf has set him en route to meeting some legendary swingers, further diversifying his list of celebrities and influential personas. 


Glenn with his quick wits and quicker mouth will engage in any conversational topics that may be thrown at him, so you can be sure that nothing will stop this talker from going all out at hosting your event, always infusing his wacky sense of humour into it as well. 


Tune in to Glenn Ong on THE Big Show, weekdays 6am to 10am on Kiss92.