Dan Koh, MONEY FM 89.3

Dan Koh

Dan began his broadcasting career back in 2016 having worked as an intern producer for the morning show on Kiss92.


Fast forward to 2019, he returned to the SPH family, determined to step out of his comfort zone by venturing into the world of finance at MONEY FM. During his time as an assistant-producer, he worked closely with veteran hosts and producers across the various time-belts throughout the day, allowing him to meticulously hone his knowledge and skills in the realm of business.


Today, Dan is MONEY FM's Producer-Newsreader for ‘Your Money’, and is on a quest to help listeners make the best investing and financial decisions for themselves, by featuring global industry leaders and experts on the show.


When he’s out of the studio, the part-time degree student enjoys spending his free time jamming to some tunes on the violin and sharing his passion for music with children. Dan is also a bit of a gym nut and finds solace in a space that’s packed with weights and reeks of sweat.


Tune in to Dan Koh on Your Money, weekdays 9am-12pm on MONEY FM89.3.