Cheryl Miles, ONE FM 91.3

Cheryl Miles
ONE FM 91.3

Race: Eurasian

Language: English

Height: 1.63m




You might remember Cheryl Miles from all-girl band Cherry Chocolate Candy, winners of Talentime 2001, but this former actress, singer and dancer made the switch to radio in 2008 and hasn't looked back since. An experienced emcee and voice-over artist, Cheryl has hosted a wide variety of events and voiced countless of commercials both on radio and television.


She was the quit-smoking ambassador for Health Promotions Board  iQuit campaign in 2015, and was pleasantly surprised by how much she could influence and inspire those intending to embark on a healthier lifestyle. She is as passionate about fitness, as she is about food, and often shares her culinary creations, workouts and recipes on instagram @cherylmiles_ and on her blog,


Tune in to Cheryl Miles, 1pm-4pm weekdays and 6am-10am on Saturdays on ONE FM 91.3.