Carol Smith, Kiss92 FM

Carol Smith
Kiss92 FM



Caroline, also known as Carol, may be the newest addition to Kiss92, but she is a familiar voice over the local radio waves  with over 20 years of radio and live hosting experience.


Carol immediately sets you at ease within minutes of meeting her and this often translates into an ability to warm up any crowd and make them feel right at home.


Given her many years of experience as a host and emcee, Carol's professionalism, expertise and personable nature makes her a captivating host- be it amongst foreign dignitaries at formal occasions, product launches or the annual dinner and dance.


Carol enjoys interacting with her audience and her natural ability to warm up a crowd often draws many a smile or chuckle at every occasion.


Be warned though – her passion and zest for life are highly contagious.


Tune in to Carol in The Morning Show with Carol, Josh & Jill, weekdays from 6am to 10am on Kiss92.