Bharati Jagdish, MONEY FM 89.3

Bharati Jagdish

An award-winning multi-platform journalist with almost 20 years’ experience, Bharati Jagdish started her career in radio as a broadcast journalist and news anchor with a focus on local and international politics and business, driving listenership to new heights.


She also made her mark in television as a current affairs talk show host and commentator for significant events such as National Day Parades before moving into online journalism where her articles, op-eds and 5-star rated podcasts consistently ignited meaningful public discourse.


Known as an incisive interviewer, she is a versatile content creator noted for her ability to tackle a variety of subjects and a range of formats from high-octane election coverage to in-depth features.


She brings her journalistic prowess and flair to every project, receiving rave reviews for her recent work including ‘Saga’, Singapore's first long-form narrative podcast series produced for leading gender equality advocacy group, AWARE. ‘Saga’ has outperformed local and international hits and continues to receive praise and accolades.


Bharati uses her journalism and content creation expertise as a consultant and strategist, helping businesses drive organisational goals and business results. She also hosts and moderates conferences, having fronted both virtual and on-site events for global corporations and government agencies.


Bharati loves animals and is owned by a cat named Tyrant whose tyranny rears its head daily in the form of early morning food demands.


Tune in to Bharati on Prime Time with Timothy Go, weekdays 4-7pm.