Wei Long (伟龙), UFM100.3

Wei Long (伟龙)


Formerly an air steward, Wei Long is the winner of a radio DJ Hunt Competition in 2010, and also a quarter-finalist in NTU’s Impresario singing competition during his stint as a student in NTU. 


All set to further enhance his radio skill set, he joined UFM100.3 in 2015 as a full time DJ and was taken under the wings of veteran hosts in the morning show for 4 years before co-hosting the evening show for another 4 years. 


With his toned body physique, Wei Long has done fashion modeling and modeled for sports brands on print ads. The NTU-alumni is also won himself the name of “The Freshest Face” in Cleo Bachelor Finals 2016.


A voice-over artist for radio commercials, Wei Long is also the voice behind cable channels ONE / GEM's commercials too. Being effectively bilingual, Wei Long switches between English and Mandarin effortlessly which makes him one of the highly sought after emcee for events that require bilingual hosting. 


Tune in to Wei Long on《 早班GAO GAO》, weekdays from 6am to 10am, on UFM100.3.