UFM100.3 is a highly-charged Mandarin music station targeting at working professionals aged between
35 – 49 years that is specially catered to their lifestyle. Its creative, lively and engaging delivery style is able to consistently hook listeners on for a far longer period of listening. The music played on UFM100.3 includes popular and familiar hits which the listeners love, while program content is designed to cater specifically for the busy individuals with timely updates and discussion.


The station’s drive-time programmes are anchored by veteran DJs Wen Hong, Li Mei, Xiao Zhu and Wei Long in the Morning from 6am to 10am, followed by DJ Anna from 10am to 1pm. Yu Ling takes over from
1pm to 4pm and makes way for Jing Yun and Xin Ying from 4pm to 8pm. Cheng Yao rounds up the day from
8pm to 12am.


The station actively engages its listeners through various interactive events such as dinner gatherings and enrichment workshops. To further strengthen loyalty, DJs also reaches out to the public through its outdoor activations, conducting games and giveaway prizes while introducing the station to new potential listeners. UFM100.3 also supports various community, non-profit and charity organizations with its annual U-Shine program that raises public awareness of lesser known causes and charities.


Log on to www.ufm1003.sg for more details and follow UFM100.3 on Facebook at www.facebook.com/UFM1003 !

UFM100.3 Weekday Programme List

UFM100.3 Mornings with Wen Hong, Li Mei, Xiao Zhu & Weilong 
 Hello, Anna!
1pm – 4pm
  Tea with Yu Ling
4pm – 8pm
 U-Good Evening with Jing Yun & Xin Ying
8pm – 12mn
  Feel the Night with Cheng Yao



<UFM100.3早班:文鸿、丽梅、 小猪、 伟龙>
安娜 <早午餐, 早午安!>
1pm – 4pm
于玲 <茶于饭后>
4pm – 8pm
菁云和欣盈 <U~傍晚好!>
8pm – 12mn
承尧 <夜晚最有Feel>


欲知更多详情请上网 www.ufm1003.sg 或到 UFM100.3 的官方面簿:  www.facebook.com/UFM1003 !