ONE FM 91.3 is an English music station playing all the greatest hits from the 80s’ to present. The fun and dynamic station targets forward-thinking professionals aged 40 and above, appealing to both genders with a rising target of females. It’s all about the good times and greatest hits!


Shaking up your mornings with the pioneers of radio, let Glenn and the Flying Dutchman crack you up with their bold jokes and charm you with their wits as you move to the upbeat hits you are familiar with from 6am-10am.


Taking over for the lunchtime show, ONE FM 91.3’s resident crooner Cheryl Miles keeps you company from 10am-4pm with her recommendations for the latest in food, fashion and entertainment. Divian Nair, the man of the hour will then drive home with you on the Weekday Getaway from 4pm-8pm with music to de-stress to after a hard day’s work.


Moving into the night, get nostalgic with ONE FM’s 80’s@8 as Charmaine Phua brings you back to everything good in the best era in music at 8pm. Charmaine continues from 9pm to midnight where you listen to only your favourite songs which have been requested by you with ONE FM by Request.
End the week well with Harry as he recaps the week and also soothe and ease you with music you love.

ONE FM 91.3 Weekday Programme List


Glenn & The Flying Dutchman
Cheryl Miles
4pm – 8pm
The Weekday Getaway with Divian Nair
8pm – 12am
ONE FM’s 80’s@8
ONE FM by Request!

ONE FM 91.3 Weekend Programme List

6am – 10am
Cheryl Miles
Saturdays & Sundays
10am – 12pm
The Best of Glenn & The Flying Dutchman
Saturdays & Sundays
12pm – 6pm
 Weekends with Harry

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