Shaun Tupaz, ONE FM 91.3


Shaun Tupaz
ONE FM 91.3

Race: Eurasian

Language: English

Height: 1.72m


Commando Shaun T


Entertainer, radio personality, stand up comic, magician. If you thought this was just a list of occupations, think again.


Shaun Tupaz is the man who can do it all. Armed only with a passion to entertain and a few other tricks up his sleeve, Shaun is prepared and ready for any crowd, big or small. Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for a way to make people laugh, cry, ooh, ahh, and much more, look no further than Shaun Tupaz.


Shaun is no stranger to the stage, his list of hosting engagements spread over various brands and locations. Weddings to DnD’s. Shaun has also been in shining in front of the camera, working with famous local YouTubers, Night Owl Cinematics, Cheokboard studios, JTV and he even was a co star in the 2015 mini move Lingo Lingo Where You Go, some of his scenes were directed by Jack Neo.


Weekdays you can hear Shaun on ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show together with Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman and in the evenings you can catch him bringing the house down all over town doing stand up comedy


Outside of Radio, Hosting and Television, Shaun’s charm and personality has made him a popular Ambassodor for brands like Nike, Costa Coffee, Pure Fitness as well as charity organizations like Momember and The Dyslexia Association.