Maddy Barber, Kiss92 FM


Maddy Barber
Kiss92 FM

Race: Chinese
Language: English and conversational Mandarin
Height: 1.55m




Maddy Barber is easily the most effervescent radio personality in Singapore. At the age of 43, this mother of 2 doesnʼt look a day above 35, a fact that she attributes to her bubbly and easy-going nature. This firecracker helms the breakfast show on Kiss 92, thus making her the most prominent face and voice of the station that recently made history by leapfrogging to become the nation’s #1 English radio program for Singaporeans under 40.


Adding on to her profile, Maddy is also a formidable entrepreneur with her own brand of fine jewellery which was featured in the International New York Times earlier this year; and recently named one of Singapore Tatler’s Top 10 jewellers.  With a successful career, hectic schedule and raising a family to boot, one would think that she aims to be a professional juggler.


Armed with her voice, a wholesome image and an impressive following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Maddy is constantly engaging and interacting with her listeners.


Tune in to Maddy, Jason and Arnold, weekdays 6am to 10am, on Kiss92.