Liang Quan (良泉), UFM100.3


Liang Quan (良泉)

Race: Chinese

Language: Bilingual – English and Mandarin

Height: 1.80m


There’s always something new to uncover


8 years into radio, Vincent, more commonly addressed as Liang Quan by his listeners, is a relatively fresh face amidst the veterans. The DJ Fight Club winner is effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin and with this versatility, Liang Quan is a sought-after emcee for many clients.


He has lent his vocals to various commercials and trailers on both English and Mandarin radio stations, as well as trailers on cable TV. The young host had set his foot in the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010, and was tasked to host the Sing50 concert alongside with veterans like Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman, where his bilingualism was put into great use.


Currently, Liang Quan partners Jing Yun on the evening drive time on UFM100.3 and has tackled the premium time-belt with great vigor.

Tune in to Liang Quan’s 《U~傍晚好》,4pm to 8pm, weekdays on UFM100.3.