Jill Lim, ONE FM 91.3


Jill Lim
ONE FM 91.3

Race: Eurasian – Chinese

Language: English

Height: 1.58m


The girl you wish you didn’t live next to


Newly ascended to her Day-job (literally), Jill was formerly on the night-owl shift on ONE FM 91.3.


Jill’s manners and wit are directly proportionate to the amount she drinks. She’s driven and passionate, and she has enough energy to power a small city. Oh, and there has been a myth that famous people gravitate to her.


Together with her mother, Jill has made it to become the poster girl for Singapore Cancer Society and being one of the advocates to raise awareness on the importance of health screening.


She has hosted for History Channel, Corporate Trade events, Puma and recently Fashion Week and Chang Beer. Having partnered with radio veterans like Glenn Ong, her stage charisma has kept her in line with her partners. Having a vast dichotomy in hosting different genres of events, Jill would be the one anyone should consider for their events.


Tune in to Jill Lim, weekdays 10am to 1pm, on ONE FM 91.3.