The Flying Dutchman, ONE FM 91.3


The Flying Dutchman 

(also know as Mark van Cuylenburg)
ONE FM 91.3

Race: Eurasian

Language: English

Height: 1.72m


He doesn’t necessarily fly for real, but he soars your event to new heights


Backtrack all the way to the 70s, Mark van Cuylenburg had began his stint on Singapore’s radio scene, and has since commonly known as The Flying Dutchman! And almost every household could remember the face of the renowned TV programme, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, intriguing contestants virtually pacing in uncertainty and arousing TV viewers’ interest unreservedly. That said, Mark led the programme viewership on national TV soaring to new heights in the early 2000s.


Being one of the most eminent radio personalities in Singapore, The Flying Dutchman had successfully marked his distinguished status in the industry, potting impression points with his infectious laughter, speed-of-light humour wits and remarkable versatility in various presentation styles. Together with Glenn Ong, the legendary duo has crafted numerous Morning Drive Time listener-ship records in Singapore and they have returned to ride on the radio airwaves on ONE FM 91.3!


The dynamic duo brings nothing but a storm to the listening pleasure of the listeners, men aged 30 years old and above. To add to his records, The Flying Dutchman and Glenn Ong were chosen by McDonald’s as their Premium Selection burger ambassadors and hence, were featured on cable and free to air TV as well as all social media platforms.

If a man is needed at your event, he’s gonna be The Flying Dutchman.