Claressa Monteiro


Claressa Monteiro

Race: Eurasian

Language: English

Height: 1.58m




For the past 5 years, Singapore’s iconic jazz singer Claressa Monteiro, helmed the weekdays lunch belt 10am to 2pm on Kiss92. She accompanied her listeners as her their lunch companion and cheering up their work day with her infectious laughter.


Claressa Monteiro’s versatility extends to her ability to host and perform at ministerial events and private dinners.


A fan of thrills and adventure, Claressa is a PADI certified diver and goes on frequent family trips with her two teenage boys to neighbouring countries at eco friendly resorts. Her latest found interest in golf has make her a regular in many golf-related charity events. Claressa is also a very vocal supporter of animal rescue and shares her home with several dogs and cats.