Charmaine Yee, Kiss92 FM


Charmaine Yee
Kiss92 FM

Race: Chinese

Language: English and conversational Mandarin

Height: 1.56m


The sporty, the business-minded, the globe-trotter.


Charmaine is a Singapore-based personality and professional presenter with experience that spans different channels all across Asia – Radio, Television, and Live events.


She has 8 years of experience in the industry, and is also most familiarly known for hosting her own Lunchtime English Radio Show on Singapore’s KISS92 FM, and as a TV presenter for FOX Sports Asia, a channel that garners viewership from all over the region.


Charmaine’s effervescent personality and ability to effortlessly connect with her audience has garnered her a steadily growing local following as a media personality. These stellar qualities have led her to host some of the industry’s biggest names over the course of her professional career, carrying herself with ease in front of the likes of Ed Sheeran, Tiesto, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Jessie J, and Lewis Hamilton, to name a few.


Personable, engaging and effectively bilingual, Charmaine has also hosted events for many major brands, including Givenchy, YSL, Sony Music; corporations, like Takashimaya, The South Beach, St Regis Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, DBS, Singex; and sports & fitness events such as The Straits Times Run and Venus Run.


Her versatility extends past hosting, spanning into broadcasts, brand ambassadorship, and cross-platform marketing campaigns with a diverse range of lifestyle brands, setting her brand apart through her focus and passion for fashion, fitness/sports, and lifestyle.


Tune in to Charmaine Yee weekdays, 1pm to 4pm, on Kiss92.