Anna (安娜), UFM100.3


Anna Lim (安娜)

Race: Chinese

Language: Mandarin

Height: 1.65m


One of the veterans in the industry, Anna has accompanied her listeners over the air waves for 24 years now. She currently anchors the evening drive time on UFM100.3. Equipped with profound lifestyle knowledge mainly in relation to health and beauty, Anna is often the first choice to reach the minds of corporate partners for their seminars and product launches.


In recent years, she has Bio Essence, R.O.D, Abbot & HP in her clientele list and was also the product ambassador for Avalon’s health supplements. Almost a master of all trades, the intellectual radio personality held the reins of interactive sharing sessions initiated by renowned Chinese personalities from around the region. To name a few, Chua Lam (蔡澜), the successful Singaporean food critic based in Hong Kong, Taiwanese Nobel Prize Winner, Franklin Yang (杨振宁), Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao (几米) and local songwriters, Xiaohan(小寒) and Wu Qing Kang (吴庆康).


Anna also commits herself as a columnist on Shin Min Daily新明日报《播音人语》, Health No.1 (健康No1) , and contributes content on《女友》& 《Icon风华》.


Tune in to 《早午安,早午餐》with Anna, weekdays 10am to 1pm, on UFM100.3.